Ape King Slots

An old saying claims that it's the lion who is king of the jungle. But the truth is, lions do not live in jungles. Lions prefer deserts, grasslands, rocky areas where their light brown coloring blends into all the dry dirt. No, the real king of the jungle is the ape. Different types of monkeys, gorillas and apes call jungles home. Some ancient legends say that apes serve as guardians to glorious golden cities and ages-old treasures that have been lost to time. In Ape King Slots you will go in search of these ancient treasures. Maybe you will become the new king of the jungle!

The Mighty Jungle

The design of this slots game is simply stunning. It's simple and elegant.The background of the game board is a dense, thick jungle. You will see lots of leafy green trees and just a little bit of mist. The mysterious mist shrouds all sorts of secrets and undiscovered places. What will you find here?

In Search of Treasure

This game has a pretty standard layout and design when it comes to slots. You will find five reels that are divided into three rows each, all surrounded by twining and curving vines. These little symbols will show you the creatures and the treasures that you can find when you go exploring in the jungle. You will see many different types of apes and monkeys as you spin the reels, along with ancient clay pots filled with golden items. If you're lucky enough and the reels land the right way, you might even see the Ape King himself.

Betting Like a King

You have a huge range of betting options to choose from when you're determining your wage in this game. You can start out small, with a tiny bet of just a few centers, less than one dollar. Or, you can get big and go up to three digits if you're really feeling your luck. Bet wisely and work out a strategy that is going to help you win more than you lose. that's the name of the game when you're playing the slots. 

The Gameplay

The gameplay itself is fast and exciting, which is what you want when you're playing the slots...or really, any type of game. Everything goes fast, so you will definitely feel the thrill as the reels spin around. You can even speed up or slow down the gameplay a little bit to customize your experience the way you want. There's also an auto-spin feature, so you can set the reels to spin on their own and just let your bet ride for a little while. You'll just sit back and watch and see what happens as the money adds up.

Claim the Jungle with Ape King Slots

Who says that apes are the king of the jungle? Not Ape King Slots! Play the game, beat the board, win big and you will be the one to claim the crown as the king of the jungle.