Count Cashtacular Slots

There's a reason that stories about vampires, werewolves and zombies have been around for long and keep right on coming back. Count Cashtacular Slots honors all those creepy, spooky creatures and images that make the world a little more dangerous but also a little more exciting. So in this slots game, you will face all the things that most people consider to be frightening. And if you're lucky and you use a good betting strategy, you will defeat them all. 

A World of Spooky Monsters

Count Cashtacular takes you into a scary world. It is night and in the distance, at the end of a winding cliff path, there is a creepy old mansion. It's lit up...which means that someone is at home. There is one of those old iron gates and from the gnarled branches of a crooked tree, an owl watches you as you make your approach to this frightening place. Where most would turn back, you forge ahead. You are here to find the monsters and find out that they aren't so scary at all. 

Finding the Frightening Stuff

The game board has three rows and five columns that will spin every time you place a bet and push the button. And once you do, you will discover all sorts of frightening stuff. There are creepy gravestones with a zombie's hand reaching up through the dirt, chattering vampire teeth that are waiting to bite, huge spiders waiting to lure you into a trap. You will see coffins full of cash, black cats and twisted, bent candlesticks. 

Count Cashtacular

You may have learned by now that the creepy mansion in the distance belongs to Count Cashtacular. He's like Dracula in some ways, because he is a vampire, but he's also incredibly rich. Your goal is to take as much of his god as you get. There are 25 pay lines where you can line up symbols and make a match to win, so you will have many opportunities to do exactly that. When the reels lie up just right, you will see the Count himself. Unlike the other symbols, he takes up an entire reel when he appears. After all, this is his world. 

Making Every Bet Count

Choose how much you're going to risk so that you can, hopefully, win a whole lot more from the rich Count Cashtacular. Place a bet as low as Place a bet as low as $0.25 to spin the reels..25 to spin the reels. That's just one quarter. Or, you can buy more and bet all the way up to $125. That's a big amount but that means that you could win really, really big if the reels fall the right way for you.

Visit a Scary World in Count Cashtacular Slots

Play Count Cashtacular Slots to meet the count and hopefully escape with a lot of money. If you've got what it takes to face fear and tell it to go away, you've got what you need to win big.