Cai Bling Slots

You don't have to travel to Asia, or anywhere in the Far East, to recognize the lucky symbols that are associated with this part of the world. With Cai Bling Slots, you can get a taste of the Far East without actually going anywhere. You will see all sorts of symbols associated with good luck in Asia, not to mention an amazing overall design that really brings the style of this part of the world to life. 

An Ancient World

China and many of the countries in the Far East are steeped in ancient traditions and culture that goes back not just centuries, but of millennia. This game is designed with all sorts of little tributes that honor Asian culture and design. That's why the background of this game is red. In China, red is a very lucky color.

As the Reels Spin

It's the symbols on the reels that make the most difference, of course, even if the game board itself is beautifully designed. It has four reels and tree tows where all sorts of different symbols will appear. Every symbol on the game really does look like its own separate piece of art because each one is so beautifully designed and so full of color. You will see bejeweled letters and numbers, golden items that are jewel-encrusted. All the symbols gleam and shine and remind you of gold and gems. You might even find a roaring dragon, which is a very lucky symbol in Asian cultures.

The Golden Symbols

There is something extra on the game board that you will notice right away. Along with the five main reels, there is another little reel that is different from the rest. This is the Golden Symbols reel and it doesn't spin at all. This is where you will see the Golden Symbols. Making symbols gold gives you more ways to win. Choosing fewer symbols by clicking them off and decreasing your risk. But you'll also be deseraces your chance of getting a big win. For that, bet even higher. 

The Jackpots

The whole time you're playing this game, you have the chance to win a jackpot. There are four of them ranging from mini to grand and they are all worth hitting. The amounts of money you will find here are huge and that means the possibilities are huge, too.

Winning with Cai Bling Slots

Play Cai Blind Sltos to celebrate Asian culture and go looking for lots of amazing gold and treasures of all kinds.