Lucky Catch Slots

People who do a lot of fishing like to tell stories about almost casting the big one. They're called fish tales because usually, there are no witnesses to the huge fish that they supposedly almost caught. When you play Lucky Catch Slots, you can search for huge fish without going out on a lake, without waiting for fish to bite and without having to resort to fish stories. With this game, you really can catch something big.

Going Under the Waves

Let this game take you into a watery work that is full of amazing plants and ocean life. The background of the game is a beautiful underwater scene that's full of shades of blue and green, purple and blue and pink. You will see various plant life that create the unique ecosystem of the oceans. But if you want to find the creatures that lie here, you're going to have to spin the reels to find them.

Catching the Big One

You will find lots of colorful pretty symbols floating on the game board. It's got five reels and three rows where the friendly creatures will appear. Each one of them is highly detailed and gorgeously colored, with different shading and highlights that make each one look like it's ready to swim right off the screen. You will see all sorts of fish, including dangerous jellyfish. You can also expect to see octopuses and sea turtles swimming through this world. And the more you spin, the better your chances will be of finding a shark! Don't worry. In this game, it's a good thing when you see the shark because this increases your winnings.

Fishing Like a Pro

So, how can you use your skills to fish in this world like an expert? Start by choosing how much you're going to bet. Wager $0.25 on each spin to keep your risks low. Or, you can go much higher and bet up to $62.50 on each spin of the reels. That's a big amount, so just imagine what could happen if you manage to catch that big one while you're virtually fishing for cash in this colorful world.

Making Things Happen

Along with the shark, you're hoping to see the Lucky Catch game logo. If this appears on your reels at least three times, you will trigger a little mini-game. You get free spins, which will play out for you automatically, and you will watch the money roll in as the spins play out. You may even find more Lucky Cach symbols and end up winning more free spins. And because this is gambling, the longer you can play for free, the better it is. You can catch a lot of big fish this way.

Catching the Big One with Lucky Catch Slots

Catch yourself a big payday when you play Lucky Catch Slots. Match up the symbols, get free spins and make things happen for yourself. If you win a lot of money you'll have a brand-new fish tale.