Spooky Wins Slots

Everyone likes to get scared every once in a while. It's fun to get frightened, to get spooked out, to have a little bit of a thrill. But what's the best way to conquer fear and put it into your control? By making fear funny. That's why so many comedy movies poke fun at vampires, ghosts and other things that are usually very scary. At Spooky Wins Slots, the things that frighten people are utterly adorable.

Not So Creepy

This game will take you into a pretty world that is full of shades of pink, purple and orange. You will see little flashing orbs rising up in the background and stars twinkling overhead as you stand in a graveyard. The headstones and the jagged fence would set a creepy tone in most circumstances but here, it looks almost invisible with the soft shades of purple and all the movement and sparkles you can see around it. This is the world of Spooky WIns Slots, a gaming universe that isn't so scary at all.

Getting Spooky

When you spin the reels, you'll all sorts of little creatures and spooky things that aren't so scary in this game. You will see cute little mummies, colorful zombies, vampires, witches and more. These characters, usually creepy and scary, are super cute and colorful in this game. They look positively precious and not at all frightening, which is a fun twist on those classic stereotypes. The reels have five rows and three symbols where all these symbols appear to help you find ways to win.

How Will You Bet?

Choose your betting strategy to play smart. The more you strategize and the smarter you are, the more you will win rather than lose. And even if you are losing, a good betting strategy can help you get through a run of bad luck. Place a bet as low as Place a bet as low as $0.30 or go all the way up to $30 if you're feeling a little bit more bold. Change your bet based on how the reels are spinning or on a hunch. When you get that gut feeling, think about following it. Pro gamblers know how to turn those gut feelings into cold, hard cash.

The Jackpot

If you get the right symbols and everything lines up the right way, you could trigger a jackpot change. This is a little mini-game inside the game that brings up a multicolored wheel. Spin to win and you might just hit a jackpot that could reward you with lots of money. Lots of money is the reason you're playing slots in the first place!

Make Fear Funny and Cute with Spooky Wins Slots

In Spooky Wins Slots, fear isn't something to run from. It's something to smile about! Enjoy the cute little monsters, the friendly ghosts and all the colorful, highly detailed symbols you will find when you're playing this game.