Pulsar Slots

Pretty much everyone has seen a slots game at some point. Slots are one of the most popular games in the world and, honestly, they’re a little tired. Slots have been around for over a century and most of the slots games you see these days definitely look and feel like it. Slots games can look a little tired, a little dated, even when they are modern and visually stunning. Well, Pulsar Slots doesn't look like any other game out there.

Launching Into Outer Space

This game will take you off into the galaxy, away from planet Earth. You will be in space, surrounded by stars and close to a glowing pulsar, a type of space phenomenon. You're about to learn how different modern slots games can be from all those old designs from the past.

Playing the Slots

On a normal slots game board, you will see spinning reels and lots of different symbols. That's not what you will see here. this game board has its own design and its own look. It also has its own movement style that's not the same as those spinning slot reels of the past. You will see five columns that have three rows, which is actually pretty standard in slots games, but the symbols are arranged in a honeycomb-like pattern that's totally different. Start playing the game and you'll see just how different it is.

Making the Galaxy Go Around

Hit the button and this game board won't spin. No slot reels will spin. Instead, all the symbols on the board will wink out of existence and get replaced with new symbols. You will see planets, asteroids and other special objects on the board. You don't have to line up symbols along a pay line, not in the traditional sense of how that looks, but you will hope to make matches with the symbols because this is still how you win. There are 20 fixed pay lines in the board that line up in interesting ways, so there are many ways to win.

Betting on Your Skills

Bet on yourself by choosing how much to wager every time you click the button and change the game board. You can go as low as You can go as low as $0.01 per pay line for a total bet of just $0.20, which is very low-risk and gives you the chance to play for a long time because your money will stretch. But if you want bigger winnings, try increasing your bet all the way up to $1 per each pay line, or $20 total. Choose your bet based on your strategy and your own instincts. After all, you're on a mission in space alone and you answer to no one!

Try Pulsar Slots

Try playing Pulsar Slots today to see if you will move planets and control space itself. This is a different sort of slots game for the modern age, and it's perfect when you want something a little bit different.