5 Wishes Slots

There are countless stories and fairy tales about people finding some object or meeting a magical being that grants wishes. In many of these legends, the person gets three wishes, or maybe five wishes or maybe more. But the truth is, most people have just one wish: to have a lot of money. Play 5 Wishes Slots to get a lot of money and make your big wishes all come true.

A World of Magic

This game takes you deep into a hidden cave that is filled with wonders and treasures. There are piles of gold everywhere, huge stacks of coins and other little treasures. Everyone knows that if you have the gold, you get to make the rules. Gambling is one of the few ways that you can earn money without doing any work. This game lets you take full advantage of the possibilities.

Making Your Wishes

This game has five reels that are divided into three rows. This is where you will the familiar symbols that are associated with stories about genies and wishes. Everything is beautifully designed and highlighted with gold accents. All the symbols are colorful and bright and detailed. You will see a smart little monkey wearing a vest, a powerful-looking genie that's ready to grant wishes, a gorgeous Arabian palance surrounded by palm trees under a magnificent twilight sky. You might even see a beautiful princess or a young thief who secretly has a heart of gold. 

All About That Gold

Speaking of gold, you have plenty of opportunities to win some for yourself while you're playing this game. There are 25 pay lines, so there are many ways to match up symbols and earn some of that gold. Choose to bet as low as Choose to bet as low as $0.01 per line for a total bet of $0.25 and risk very little. Or, be a little bit braver and risk all the way up to per line for a total bet of $25. You're in control because you're the one trying to make wishes come true. 

Playing the Game

This is a straightforward and fun slots game with a standard layout and fast gameplay. You can even speed up the reels. The more you spin the reels, the more chances you have to win a lot of money. Playing this game is like chasing down a magic lamp and looking for a genie. If you use your gambling powers and wishing powers wisely, you might just end up getting a lot of gold for yourself.

Find Your Gold with 5 Wishes Slots

Play 5 Wishes Slots to make your wishes come true the only way that you really can make wishes come true in this world: with gold!