Fantasy Mission Force Slots

Most people dream about what it would be like to have a different life. Even if you have a pretty good life, you probably wonder what it would be like to be a martial arts fighter or maybe some other kind of cool, butt-kicking baddie like you see in the action movies. Who doesn't want to be an action hero? In Fantasy Mission Force Slots, you can make that dream come true. Play this game to become the action star of your own movie.

Action Superstar

The background of this game takes you into a military base. You will see tall towers in the background and farther back, mountains and cliffs. A blue sky is overhead and before you is a field that is mostly barren. It's a desolate and lonely sort of landscape, exactly the sort of place you would see in a blockbuster action movie. And in this blockbuster, you're the leading star.

Kicking Butt

The game board has a black background, which allows the colorful and beautifully detailed symbols on the board to really pop. They appear in high detail and beautiful colors on five reels that are all divided into three rows. You will see various weapons, including a spiked ball on a chain, a crossbow with arrows and a knife that looks like it could do some serious damage. You'll also see various heroes and bad guys appearing on the board, each with their own personalities and look.

Getting Actionable

Make the action happen by spinning the reels. This is something you will see in a lot of slots games but in this one, the gameplay is just a little bit different. In most slots games, you spin the reels and they will stop on their own. But in this game, you will actually control exactly when the reels stop. This gives you a little more control and it lets you determine exactly how long the reels will spin.

Placing Your Bets

To make the action happen, you need to place a bet. You have the option of betting on every pay line. There are 20 pay lines in all. You can bet a very small amount on each pay line or choose to up your bet to wager a much larger amount, which can lead you to a much larger win.

Be Your Own Hero with Fantasy Mission Force Slots

Become the hero you want to be and be an action star, virtually speaking, when you play Fantasy Mission Force Slots. You choose how much to bet, when to stop the reels from spinning and how much butte you kick all over the game board. Give this game a try and play out your fantasy of being a hero.