Cash Bandits Slots

Everyone has, at some point, imagined what it might be like to be a bank robber. Wouldn't it be absolutely thrilling to be like those people in the movies who pull off some elaborate and daring heist? Wouldn't it be amazing to take away from the bank, who everyone knows charge too many fees and take advantage of everyone anyway? Well, you can't go out and rob a bank. At least, you shouldn't. But you can play Cash Bandits Slots and experience all the thrill and excitement of robbing a bank. You can even potentially walk away from this game with a whole lot of money, which is the whole point of robbing a bank in the first place!

Bank Robbers

The background of the game is the bank itself. There is cash on the ground and there is a general disarray. With luck and a little skill, you will evade the cops and you will escape the bank with a whole lot of money.

Finding the Cash

All the sumbols in this game help to create the overall theme and look of being a bank robber, or a cash bandit in this game. You will see five reels in total with ree rows on each. It's all very fun and fast when the reels start to spin and there are many different ways to get to a win. The game board has 25 pay lines, which means you have more than two dozen possibilities to win a lot of money.

The Mini Game

When the reels line up just right and certain symbols appear, you will trigger a little mini-game that gives you the chance to win free spins. The game board will change and suddenly, you'll be in the vault room. Pick a number to see what happens. You will try the numbers on the different safe combinations in front of you. Unlock one and you'll be pleased with what you find inside. 

Robbing the Bank

Your betting strategy is everything. You will choose how much to bet per line in this game. Since there are 25 lines, any bet you choose will be multiplied by this number so you can play all the pay lines. If you want to change things up, you can reduce the number of pay lines. Place a bet per line anywhere between Place a bet per line anywhere between $0.01 for ultra-low rick, or go up to $0.25 per line to bet $2.50 total on all lines. This is a low-stakes slots game because there are some really big wins possible.

Breaking the Bank in Cash Bandits Slots

Will you escape clean in Cash Bandits Slots and walk away with a lot of money? Play this fun game to enjoy mini-games, free spins and lots of other possibilities that will help you win big.